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10820 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

The SunCafe Organic Story

Co-Owners Ron Russell and Rebecca Smith

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Ron Russell, co-owner and a chef at SunCafe, began cooking professionally during college, leading him to become a vegetarian. It's been 30+ years since he's eaten any meat. Over those years, he's continually developed healthier versions of traditional foods and unique dishes of his own inspiration. 14 years ago, Ron became interested in raw foods, after hearing a lecture by David Wolfe. Since then, he's developed scores of raw food recipes and has  given wellness lectures and taught more than 200 raw food, vegan preparation classes.



Rebecca, co-owner and designer of SunCafe, became a vegetarain when she was 17. Yes. That was almost 33 years ago! She went vegan in 2000, and has done her best to maintain a mostly raw food diet since that time.


Rebecca is a "foodie" with a discriminating palate. "Everything that comes out of the kitchen must be spectacular! It has to be something you simply can't resist. If you have the willpower to walk away, it's not good enough!"



At SunCafe, in Los Angeles, our unique take on rustic world cuisine is designed to tantalize your taste buds while delivering optimum health and nutrition. Our made-to-order dishes take a little extra preparation, but they are worth the wait... we promise!


Our menu is plant-based and dairy-free and most items can be made gluten-free. Though we are experienced in handling special dietary needs, please bear in mind our kitchen regularly uses many different types of tree nuts and items that contain gluten.


We use the freshest organic ingredients and make our dishes from scratch for the liveliest food you will ever experience. Organically-farmed produce avoids the use of toxic pesticides, which are linked to many diseases and health issues. In addition, organic food is GMO-free. By using seasonal produce, your meal is at the peak of its nutritional value and taste.

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With inspiration and help from a number of people and sources, Rebecca designed the new location. The "Southern flare" comes from her upbringing in Memphis. She personally planted every flower & hand picked each brick on the patio. Each plank of wood on the dining room floor was painstakingly placed and nailed down (to keep the creak that you don't get from a glued down floor). Several times a week, you can catch Rebecca planting flowers, hugging the tree or trimming the vines on the front fence. She loves the place, and it shows...

Ron also enjoys other creative endeavors as an artist, composer and author. His WWII mafia novel, "Don Carina"has receiving critical acclaim (published in 2013) and it's available on Amazon. There is even talk of a mini-series.